“If I can make a difference in just one life,
then I have given life my best shot.”

— E.D. Arrington

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Hear an excerpt of the poem Forever Was A Day

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The Day We Embrace The Whole Truth: Before Don Imus – After Don Imus
Forever Was A Day Provides Lessons in Human Relations

In Forever Was A Day, the sequel to Stay The Course, Lori must face possibly the toughest challenges of her short life’s journey. Mere hours after attending her grandmother’s (“Ma”) funeral, Lori is sent away from the only home she knows, away from the only people she loves, to live in Alexandria, Virginia, with a relative she has just met. A relative who comes from the white-looking side of the family. A relative who has neglected to tell her husband one minor detail – that Lori looks like a Negro. (311 pages)



The novel’s conscientious and enthusiastic narrator….animates the text…The machinations of Lori’s new family would rival a soap opera…Lori has a well defined voice and she describes her alien environment in a compelling blend of lyrical observations….An inspirational novel that…stays the course.

Kirkus Discoveries/Nielsen Business Media

Forever Was A Day was indeed a page-turner. Once I started reading, I could not let the story go until I had finished the very last word. Although I did not warm up to Robert until much later in the book, being bi-racial and having lived through many challenges of a mixed raced family, I certainly could identify with the struggles Lori, Clara Suzette, and Robert faced. I was also inspired by Michael, a young, highly intelligent, educated Black man who had such respect for himself and his relationship with Lori. When I read about his community organizing work for the homeless, it reminded me of President-Elect Barack Obama.

Forever Was A Day is full of history, complex relationships, and a little mystery (Carl?). I strongly recommend it to everyone as a "must read."

Ginny Williams-Batts, Washington, DC


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