“If I can make a difference in just one life,
then I have given life my best shot.”

— E.D. Arrington

Author and award-winning poet, E.D. Arrington, is dedicated to improving the lives of others, particularly our youth. Through her spellbinding books, motivational speaking, and innovative educational programs, she has already touched the lives of many. E.D. Arrington has also captivated youth and adults with her riveting book readings. Her books include:

Stay The Course, a novel loosely based on her life experiences growing up in the rural South in the late 1960s that tells the moving story of a grandmother’s lifelong dream to see one of her own get a high school diploma.


Forever Was A Day, the sequel to Stay The Course, that explores the main character’s struggles to adapt to the complex life inside the world of her interracial family.


On The Edge, a gripping tale of suspense, romance, murder, love, and secrets of the wealthy set in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.



Words Of Comfort: A Collection Of Poems And Inspirational Writings. Select poems, set to music, also available on CD. (The Words Of Comfort CD includes the award-winning poem, “An Ending Of A Similar Kind.”)

             Words Of Comfort CD

A musical production featuring selected poems from Words Of Comfort.

In February 2008, Arrington founded and launched
"It's Time To Read With Me!" an innovative, alternative "read aloud"  literacy enrichment program for at-risk youth.

New Releases:

Stay The Course
(Second Edition)

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On The Edge
(Second Edition)

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